About Us

We are creating a platform that brings synergetic benefits to organizations from various sectors, by rewiring the information network between them, and providing their customers with a magical and effortless experience.


The cornerstone of any public activity. From public transport and taxi services to private cars. This is the area we are focused on right now.


The ancient craft of communicating events and experiences between us. Movies, music, drama, dance and different kinds of performance. We are going to make all of this one tap away.


Nowadays customers focus more towards online shopping, but in most cases, it is still 20 years old shopping carts on websites. We are going to make shopping much more engaging and mobile friendly.


Our homes, our families, the way we communicate, make decisions and care about each other. Kiwi Hub keeps families and close friends connected, no matter what chaos life throws their way.

What are we going to achieve

Artificial intelligence and machine learning changing the way we live. It is happing now, but very slow compare to hardware and devices capabilities.

The challenge though is that there is no way for a human being to write software that can handle current consumer demand for smart technologies to improve urban lifestyle.

There are too many scenarios, and there is no way to enumerate all of them. By applying Artificial Intelligence and more specifically deep machine learning — the ability to train the system where the data essentially write the code — is the key to making a huge leap forward.

We believe that by broad integration of all the major city services from transportation to healthcare and rewiring information network between them we will create a new way of real time interaction between all of us.


We have completed integration of the public transport network for the major New Zealand cities Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Kiwi Hub platform tracks tens of thousands of routes in real time buses, trains, ferries.

Trip planner takes into account not only scheduled times and routes but a realtime condition of the public transport network as well.

Travel card quick balance and journey history make public transport users aware of their spendings. It makes daily commuters lives more comfortable than ever before.

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